Can anyone help out??

In 1890 an Orange Lodge was formed in Dauphin, Manitoba. The first lodge master was P.J. Beauchamp. Other elected officers were Harry Hughes, George Barker, Samuel Perry, James McDowell, William Sutherland, E. F. McPherson, William Boyd, Angus McDonald, and William Dunfield. Four new members were initiated at this meeting: Joseph Potts, John F. Boyd, Chris Felker and G. W. J. Barker (father of Victoria Cross winner and 1st World War pilot Billy Barker). Barker came from strong Orange families on both his father’s and mother’s side. His mother was an Alguire and Barker was close to the family as his best friends were his cousins the Alguires and several of them were Orange Lodge members. Does anyone know of anything that would shed some light on Barker and the Orange Lodge?

Taken from “Dauphin Valley Spans the Years” dated July, 1970 and published by the Dauphin Historical Society.

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  1. James Fee says:

    We are asking our loyal brothers from around the world for support.
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    Thank you

  2. Maxine Neale says:

    Do you have any details of the membership of the DISTRICT OF TEESWATER – 1871
    I am looking for records pertaining to the Deputy Master – Blakeny Smyth

    628 – Blakeney Smyth – Teeswater

    He was my 3rd great-grandfather
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Maxine Neale

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