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Orangeism, which was introduced into England, Scotland, and Australia by soldiers serving in the British army, was to enter Canada by the same route. The earliest record of an Orange Lodge in the British North American colonies was in New Brunswick in 1783 a full twelve years before the official birth of the Orange Lodge system as we now know it. This lodge met under a charter issued in 1694 in London, England, the name on the charter being ‘Colonial Patent No. 6’, and it was issued from Guild Hall, London and signed by Robert Ware. It was sealed with the Hestercomb Arms and certified under seal by the Goldsmiths of Lombard Street. It was brought to Parrtown [Saint John] from the United States by Lieutenant Andrew Hunter Stockton and the lodge met in Saint John until 1815 under the authority of this warrant which granted the bearer the right to hold an Orange Lodge anywhere in British America. By the early 1800’s Orange Lodges had been established in Halifax, Montreal, and Quebec City. During the War of 1812 British regiments were sent to the British North American colonies to defend them against attack from the United States and it was from these soldiers that Orangeism took its real hold in Canada. For two hundred years Orange Lodges have been a part of Canadian life, and it is their history and contribution to Canadian society that this site will attempt to document.

Canadian Orange Lodges are invited to submit a history of their lodge and it will be included on this site. All pictures and other submissions will be given a credit line where the item is used. Please help us to preserve Canada’s rich Orange history.

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3 Responses to Welcome to the Canadian Orange Historical Site

  1. Mr.Floody says:

    This site is true genius. Who in the world created it?

  2. Great site Alex and a worthy record of the role Orangemen have played in Canada.

  3. pauline says:

    I am researching my family history and found my male ancestors were Orangemen. To this day my brother has carried the flag in parades after my father passed. How to I find records with my great great and ggggrandfathers names. David Headley (ggg), Joseph Headley (gg),David Headley (gt)(Beginning as early as 1825 in Quebec) Thank you Pauline Headley

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